The Joys of Retail!

August is typically a slow month in boutique retail.  School is gearing back up, families are finishing up vacations....just more going on and buying specialty clothing is not on the brain.  When I do not interact with people daily, my days can drag on for what seems like eternity.  I have been working diligently on a new website through Shopify (of course with the navigational help of Steve, he's a blessing).  I am looking forward to Fall and the anticipation of colder weather.  It is my favorite season and mainly due to clothing.  Cooler temperatures call for jeans, boots, and light weight tops, maybe even a comfortable pull over or sweater.  Trends are oversized clothing, breathable fabrics, and casual overall.  New inventory has me giddy each day!  I cannot wait to re-enter the world of customers/friends, and to see familiar faces as routines begin to set in & hunting season arrives.  Come see me if you're passing by or here for the weekend!  Lots of new pretties!  And remember, you can always shop us online.  Blessings everyone!

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